Common Reasons for Car Insurance Claims Rejected

In this world, no one consciously wants to have an accident. However, sometimes despite being careful, accidents can come unexpectedly. If you read this article, of course you already know the ins and outs of car insurance and how to submit a claim. When submitting a claim, you feel you have followed the procedure, but the submission was rejected. What are the causes? Following our review.

1. The driver does not have a Driving License (SIM).

Drivers who do not have a SIM clearly violate the rules and laws in force in Indonesia, therefore insurance companies generally do not accept claims like this because it is a crime.

2. The driver is drunk.

As with the above points, driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is against the law and the insurer cannot be held responsible for damage to the car caused by this.

3. The carelessness of the driver.

Drivers who have a SIM and are not under the influence of alcohol or drugs do not mean they have never done carelessness. Carelessness referred to here is generally a deliberate action such as running a red light, walking above the maximum speed recommended, leaving the vehicle unlocked, and the like. Some of these actions are included in violation of regulations and consequently cannot be covered by insurance.

4. Vehicles were not suitable for use.

Minor problems such as broken mirrors that have not been replaced or damaged car headlights can result in fatal accidents. If you are found to be driving an improper car, your insurance claim will automatically be denied.

5. Drivers are not listed in the insurance policy.

Sometimes, insurance companies are only willing to approve claims made by vehicle owners or other people whose names have been included in the insurance policy (usually a family member). If you have an accident while using the services of a driver outside of your insurance policy, the insurer has the right to refuse your claim.

6. The vehicle is used for other purposes besides daily personal needs.

If your vehicle is used for other things such as trading or even used in a speed race, the insurer may reject your claim assuming that the risk posed by these activities is greater than what has been agreed in the insurance policy.

7. The vehicle is not parked in a safe place.

Vehicles parked in places with high crime rates can be a cause of rejection of insurance claims. Generally the insurer is not responsible for losses caused by poor environmental security.

8. Your history with the insurance company is not good.

Another reason for your insurance claim being denied is the background of your relationship with the insurance company. You may have made a similar claim and was rejected at another company or have been in arrears in payment of your insurance policy. These things can be an important consideration for the insurance.

Avoid Claim Rejection

Being rejected by an insurance company is certainly not fun. Like a new disaster hit, those who should help are not willing to help solve your problem. The following are the things that need to be considered to avoid rejection of a claim:
  • After you receive a copy of the insurance policy, read the terms, conditions, and statements in the policy carefully so that you can understand your insurance coverage thoroughly.
  • Also pay attention to the agreement about extending the insurance you purchased along with your main policy (if any). This section will clarify your understanding of what can or cannot be claimed.
  • Make sure you have evidence that damage to your vehicle was not caused by yourself.
  • Reduce high-risk and dangerous activities.
  • Avoid places where security is lacking.
  • Stay away from alcohol and drugs.
  • Always drive your vehicle with caution and caution.
  • Hopefully the above article can help you become a better insurance customer. Happy Driving!
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