5 Reasons Why Insurance from Your Office Is Not Enough

As a company employee or employer will include health insurance in your benefits list. Usually in addition to health insurance from the Health Insurance Provider (BPJS), you also get another insurance account.

However, not all employers provide additional insurance coverage. Especially for the informal sector, employees usually only have BPJS Health.

On the other hand, insurance coverage often does not cover all health needs such as dental care or major operations.

Therefore, actually having private insurance is very important. Moreover, if you have dependents. Here are a few points that show that, in fact, having personal insurance is an important thing to do.

1. The value of a small insurance guarantee

Buying insurance yourself is always more profitable because you can get additional guarantees. If the company provides health insurance benefits with a small guarantee, then you will need the value of this additional guarantee.

Additional insurance or health insurance can be obtained from BPJS Health or other private insurance companies. This is important so that you do not have problems if one day you have to undergo expensive medical procedures, such as surgery.

This step can also be anticipated if the insurance system of your office is reimbursed. You can take cheap premium insurance that applies a cashless system, so if you have to pay the remaining excess care, the amount paid is not too much. Then you can reimburse the office.

2. Does not cover all medical needs

As mentioned above, in general insurance provided by the company does not guarantee all medical needs. Medical conditions that are usually the exception are labor (maternity), dental care, and chronic illness.

So for those of you who do have a history of certain diseases, you should indeed have personal insurance like health insurance. If your condition cannot be guaranteed by insurance from the office, then you have another handle.

It also includes matters for maternity (pregnancy and childbirth) to dental care. These two items are often the exception. Therefore, make sure you have a strategy for conditions that are not guaranteed by insurance from your office or place of work.

3. Not applicable to other family members

Insurance benefits provided by the company also mostly do not cover the family members of employees. This requires an employee to look for other health insurance to ensure the needs of his family.

Indeed there are some companies that also include family members in insurance benefits. But if you are not included in this company, they inevitably have to find another insurance product.

4. Does not apply if you move

Insurance membership from the company will be completed when you leave the company. Therefore, it would be better if you have a separate insurance policy as a handle if at any time you leave the company.

Insurance is a means of guarantee needed because the illness is an unexpected thing. If when you leave the company suddenly needs medical expenses, then a backup insurance policy can help you.

5. Pension insurance

Surely you are already familiar with the term premium or insurance return which is also an investment. Although these benefits are not the main purpose of insurance, they are quite interesting points of insurance products. So you can invest while getting health insurance.

This program is suitable for those who plan long-term investments such as for the next 5 years. Thus, you have the capital if you want to retire and build your own business.

How to choose additional insurance?

If insurance from the company has been determined, then in the selection of personal insurance, you have the discretion to determine the required insurance product criteria.

Here are a few points of consideration for choosing personal insurance.

1.Premium Price

Even if you do not pay a premium for insurance provided by the office, it does not mean the price of premiums for additional insurance is not a consideration.

Choose the price premium that suits your financial abilities and needs. If you have a special condition, then inevitably insurance you must be able to guarantee medical complications because of the condition. For cases like this, customers must add riders or benefits, which means adding premium prices as well.

Talk to the insurance agent if you can get a discount for the addition of these benefits.

2.Benefits or guarantees

For example you are married, good insurance is also able to guarantee family members and their needs. Look for an insurance that can guarantee maternity and its complications. Also insurance for children, considering they are vulnerable to disease.

3.As per your goal

If your goal to have insurance is for health benefits, then the type of insurance product that offers investment value is not important. You can focus on looking for insurance by offering better medical benefits.

But if your goal is to save, then you can look for insurance products with premium pengembalin benefits or investments.


Finally, of course you must use the services of a trusted insurance company. Do not come from cheap premiums, but check the credibility of the company.

Also check how the procedure for returning the premium you must go through if the purpose of insurance is savings or investment. Read all agreements and conditions carefully before signing the policy agreement.

5. Use help to determine

Often the thing that makes you confused about determining the right insurance package is to adjust it to income.

To overcome this you can use commonly-used budget formulas, such as 50/30/20 or 70/20/10. However, if you are still having trouble determining the right policy, then use the help of our insurance calculator.

It needs to be recognized because insurance awareness is still minimal from Indonesian people, there are still many people who consider insurance from where they work is enough. Although the benefits provided are small.

It's just that insurance can save you and your family financially. This is because you have a guarantor in the event of a disaster or illness. So that financial flow is not disrupted.

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